Henry’s Market values the people and the communities in which we serve. We realize that most non-profit organizations, places of worship, and schools need some help. This is why we have the Community Commitment Program.

The way the program works is simple:

Step one:

Complete an application, which are available at each store and at the bottom of this page.

Step Two:

Choose 3 weeks in the year to have as your organization’s shopping weeks.

Step Three:

Upon approval, you will receive vouchers to give to your supporters.

Step Four:

Supporters shop during designated weeks and give the voucher to the cashier at check out.

Step Five:

Crosby’s sends your organization a donation based on 5% of your supporters pre-tax purchases.

* Certain holiday weeks are not eligible for this program.

Click here to download an application.

Please email any questions to our helpful staff and they will be able to assist you.