Henry’s Butcher Shop


Here at Henry’s Old Fashioned Meat Department, we “steak” our reputation on our quality and customer service. We’re not just any old meat department, we prepare our quality meats the old fashioned way. We carry an array of quality meats including organic chicken, all-natural beef, as well as homemade specialty burgers, roasts, kabobs, steak tips and more!

Ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable butchers for your special cuts, ribs, steaks, roasts, or even cooking instructions. Our butchers can cut any piece of meat to your exacts wants and needs, and even provide suggestions for your next meal. We cater to any special orders such as holiday roasts, free-range turkeys, Morrell E-Z Cut, and Boar’s Head hams for all of your entertaining needs. Take the guesswork out of your next event or holiday party — come visit our Butcher shop today.

Pork Roast

Quality Matters

Our tenderloin roasts, standing rib roasts and boneless delmonico rib eyes are the best on the North Shore. Always Certified Angus Beef, prime cuts available too!

New York Sirloin

Bone In Rib Eye Steaks

For the grill or oven-roasted.


Homemade Sausages

Our butchers produce the best all-natural sausages in-store including low-fat italian sweet & hot, whitemeat chicken sausages, Greek and pesto styles, breakfast links and more. Any style or size can be made by request.

Marinated Meat

Ready for the Grill

Over 15 varieties of chicken, beef or pork in our extensive array of marinates, trimmed just as you would at home. No waste, no fuss, grill ready.


Boneless Fresh Turkey Breast

Have Thanksgiving every day without the waste or time to cook the whole bird! Our turkey breast comes stuffed with our traditional bread stuffing.

Ground Meat

High Quality Sirloin

Ground throughout the day at the store. Lean and extra lean using our trim from high quality roasts and steaks.

Lamb Chop

American Racks of Lamb

These are of the highest quality that can be purchased in America. Frenched or seasoned with Dijon and Henry’s ‘perfect crumbs’. We also have boneless legs, marinated butterfly legs for the grill and the old-time favorite–lamb patties.

Sirloin Strip Steaks

Boneless and close trim provide virtually no waste. These steaks are for the discerning steak lover and packed with flavor. Grill ready.